Self Publishing is Hard...

…KWYM Publishing is easy.

We’re a private, independent publisher, driven to help our clients sell more books.


Writing your book is just the beginning. Our editing partner, Eschler Editing, has extensive experience in the industry and will help polish and prepare your work for publishing.


Once your book is edited and ready to publish, our team will take you through the publishing process, eliminating the typical challenges self published authors face.


It’s not enough to just publish your book and hope readers buy it. We provide resources and tools to help guide you through the difficult task of promoting your book.


Our goal is simple: Help you sell books. We are passionate about the world of writing and publishing, and believe that our own success is directly tied to your success!

authors we’ve worked with…

C.M. Curtis

Bestselling Western Author

Ron Schrader

SciFi/Fantasy Author

Michael Mucci

Mystery/Thriller Author

C.B. Rogers

Dystopian/Sci-Fi Author